The act of destroying a structure usually with the use of explosives is known as demolition. The demolition industry is large and continues to grow as more and more buildings are slowly wearing down, becoming unstable or unsafe, resulting in the structures needing to be demolished – or taken down. You don’t hear about many fatalities in this industry and the only obvious reason for that is because the industry is so effective in learning, demonstrating and executing safety awareness on and around the demolition job site.

Demolition – Dangerous Yet Safe

Demolition itself can be very dangerous if the workers are not properly educated and informed about the job details, demolition information and safety precautions and measures that should always be executed. The National Demolition Association has proved to be a very valuable resource of information for many companies throughout America with information on the latest regulations as well as safety measures in addition to new equipment that has launched.

While it’s true that demolition can be dangerous, the industry itself has proved to be relatively safe. However, the industry cannot be safe without proper safety measures taking place and laws being complied with. New companies are born each day and in order to maintain a high safety record in the industry, it is pertinent that new companies learn everything they can about how to be safe.

Written Safety Programs

It is imperative that any demolition company have some type of written program or manual on the safety in the demolition workplace in addition to a safety director or supervisor. Many companies actual become members of and use the Demolition Safety Manual offered by the National Demolition Association. Safety manuals, when read carefully, explained thoroughly and executed properly, can lead to safer over job sites, fewer injuries and even lower premiums for worker’s comp cases. The safety program should be taught along with any training material.

New Employees – Hiring and Training

It is important that if you are hiring someone for your demolition company that you have them complete a drug test and pre-employment full physical to make certain that they do not partake in any illegal drugs or activities, have no pre-existing medical conditions and can withstand the type of work they will encounter on the job.

After an individual has been hired, they need to be trained. Most companies have company training, which is fine, but there is also training by OSHA that is recommended such as the 10 or 40 hour safety courses. The National Demolition Administration has a number of courses that they offer as well as videos and DVDs that are available for members including:


  • New employee orientation videos.
  • Skid-steer safety videos.
  • Lead in construction videos.

While it is not mandatory for a company to be part of the National Demolition Association, you will gain a higher reputation by becoming a member in addition to having access to a wealth of information surrounding the demolition industry that could prove to be very helpful for your company.