Demolition and Excavation

Demolition and Excavation

While some companies specialize in building beautiful buildings from the ground up, other companies specialize in tearing buildings down and clearing the site from any and all debris that has been caused as a result of the demolition. Most companies have on hand both small and large machinery and equipment that will ensure that any demolition or excavation project runs as smoothly as possible before, after and on the job.

Demolition Services

Demolition pertains to buildings being torn down. Demolition could refer to other elements besides buildings or structures including but not limited to bridges, concrete and asphalt. Demolition could also consists of gutting the interior of a building or demolishing a particular room or section of a building. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a complete building or structure to be considered a demolition project.

Most companies are happy to perform demolition services on commercial (such as an office building), industrial (such as a mall, hotel or school) and residential (such as family homes, sheds and garages) locations, structures, etc. Most companies will haul off the debris from the demolition job to recycling yards where the materials that are recyclable can help the environment!

Excavation Services

Excavation usually denotes that something must be dug up whether it is just a hole that needs to be dug, landscaping that needs to be dug up or even a mineral resource.

Many homeowners need to have trees, brush, shrubs or stumps removed but worry about the surrounding landscaping being damaged. Excavation companies will make sure to perform the job that they are there to execute without damaging any of the surrounding landscaping so you don’t have to worry about your flowers.
Actual excavation services could include anything from removing or uprooting trees and driveways to detailed excavations that require thorough preliminary planning. Some companies will provide site prep services by clearing off the land as well as landfill and earthmoving excavation services.

Choosing a Demolition & Excavation Contractor or Company

Anyone that is looking to have someone come to their property or land will want to ensure they have the right person coming out for the job. Here are a few things that you should look for when hiring a demolition and excavation company or contractor:


  • Experience – You want to ensure that the person you are hiring has experience within the industry. Get a list of references if you can to contact previous clients and make sure that they performed the job on time, on budget, etc. Make sure that the services provided were also of quality.
  • Solid Reputation – You also want to make certain that the company or contractor has a good rep around town, which sort of goes hand-in-hand with the above.
  • Proper Documentation – Make sure that the company or contractor you choose for the demolition and excavation project at your property or land have all the necessary documentation to perform the job correctly and legally such as insurance, certification, license, etc. Anything that is required, make sure they have.