Demolition Market

Demolition Market

To demolish or destroy a structure/building is a relatively easy thing to do, but to do it properly and lawfully is not as simple. Physical labor, wrecking balls, or even explosives are a possibility to take a structure down and apart. Unless you are certified to rig and use explosives, or happen to own your own wrecking ball, physical labor is your only option for demolition. The catch with doing the work yourself is that safety is paramount and you may not know the information necessary to keep yourself and others safe while complying with all laws.  Hiring a demolition contractor is useful and in many cases required by law.

Non-Explosive Demolition

There are several different types of demolition and the most common form is non-explosive, which is typically used on smaller structures that can be taken apart using a piece of machinery such as a bulldozer.  Before the external part building is destroyed, internal demolition is necessary.  This is typically manual labor and requires solid planning because not every part of a building can just be ripped out in random order.  There are structural supports that need to be left until the end. A contractor would be aware of this and proceed in the proper fashion.

The Use of Explosives

The most complicated version of demolition is also perhaps the most famous.  This is the use of explosives to force a building to implode upon itself.  This demolition version is frequently shown on television and is carefully planned for quite some time before it the demolition actually takes place.  It is most often used on huge structures that need to be removed.  Each version of demolition is useful and necessary depending on the structure that is to be demolished. 

Finding a Contractor in the Demolition Market

With so many different contractors offering their services in the demolition market, it can be intimidating and difficult to find one that can get the job done well, safely, and stay on schedule.  To find a solid demolition contractor there are several things to take into account. 


  • Make sure that you are choosing a contractor that is experienced and knowledgeable in the act of demolishing structures.  In many cases, you can find solid contractors that have been doing this work for years. 

  • Ensure the company or contractor has the necessary certification to perform the job properly.  Government agencies present companies with specific certifications if they follow and pass certain protocols. 

  • Make sure that the company specializes in the demolition type necessary for your structure.  If you are going to have a single story building leveled there is probably not a need to bring in a contractor who specializes in explosive demolition. 

  • Last but not least, companies and contractors develop reputations for solid, dependable work just as much as for shoddy workmanship.  Ask your friends, family and neighbors to see if they know anyone they would recommend or had a good experience with and be sure to follow up their recommendations with some research.