Demolition Plan

Demolition Plan

A demolition plan is a document that is provided by the foreman to the city prior to a demolition of a structure taking place. Each state and city will have their own set of requirements for a demolition plan, but there are some basic facts that should be included in any demolition plan.

Introduction and Site Description

First off, a demolition plan should include information of why the plan has been prepared. It should speak of the location and all buildings that will be demolished during the demolition project. A full description of the job site should be given highlighting the buildings, access to the job site, type of pavement, etc. The plan will give a purpose and scope of itself explaining to the reader (usually the client) what the demolition plan that they are reading will entail as they progress further into the document.

Site Preparation

As with any demolition project, site prep must be performed to make certain that the site is ready for demolition prior to the demolition acting taking place. This could include but is not limited to:


  • Obtaining the proper permits including but not limited to the demolition permit.

  • Conducting a site survey noting where all utilizes are placed, unstable areas, etc.

  • Verify that all utilities have been capped, relocated, etc. including but not limited to water lines, gas lines, electric lines, sewer lines and storm drains. In addition, all utilities should be marked with a sign, flag or some type of identification element.

  • Work zones should specifically be established and strictly enforced.

  • Make certain that proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is on hand and available for all workers.

Scope of Work to be Performed

The demolition plan should further include the order of which work is to be performed – in this case, the order of which buildings will be demolished. The equipment that will be used to demolish the buildings should be included including explosives, heavy machinery, etc.

Removal of Debris

In a demolition project, there will be plenty of debris that will need to be removed from the job site once the demolition has concluded. This would include the removal of concrete, brick, wood, etc. The demolition plan should include how you plan to remove and transport the debris and to where you will be transporting and dumping the leftover debris from the demolition project. There should also be a section of where scrap metal will be taken in addition to mercury materials and any other materials that cannot be taken to a regular dumpsite.

Asbestos and Lead

Workers may come across lead based paint or asbestos material within a demolition site. Both of these materials are very hazardous to the workers as well as anyone near the job site. The demolition plan needs to have a section outlining how this will be taken care of including asbestos abatement procedures. It is further important that lead based paint and asbestos material are handled properly and according to regulations and laws set in place.