Demolition Crusher

Demolition Crusher

Of all the equipment used in demolition, the demolition crusher attachment for backhoes and other industrial equipment like cranes is the most innovative. Devised to solve the problem of huge, unwieldy boulders of concrete after either a timed charge demolition or a wrecking ball demolition, the crusher is basically a hydraulic press that exudes tens of thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch. They features jagged, cutting “teeth” on the edge of the flat, rectangle-shaped head of the device that cut through steel rebar in case it’s still within the concrete being brought to piles of rubble. Once the concrete or other material has been processed by the crusher, the pieces left over will be easily managed by a team on the ground.

Concrete Boulders Impossible to Pick Up?

When dealing with explosives and wrecking balls, the point isn’t really to obliterate the structure, demolition is meant to bring the structure down. Once the majority of the walls and floors have been brought down, a team of demolition experts will use machinery such as lift cranes, hackhoes, bulldozers and dump trucks to effectively manage the waste. Because there’s a high likelihood that there will be significantly large pieces of the walls, ceilings and floors of the building strewn about, the crusher acts as a reverse “Jaws of Life”: rather than spreading or cutting it crushes and breaks. No matter how big the boulder of material is, crushers can get a grip on portions of it at a time and reduce the whole thing into rubble within hours for the largest bits and minutes for the medium-sized but heavy pieces.

Demolition Crusher Attachments for Backhoes and Cranes

Depending on the equipment that you want to attach a crusher to, the price of the equipment will vary. Crane attachments generally are more costly as a crane itself is a more costly investment than a backhoe. There are different brands of crushers available and models will range in pounds per square inch of pressure and design. Depending on the type of demolition that your company does, you may be more inclined towards a crusher backhoe attachment. If you find that the majority of the buildings that you demolish are only a few stories tall and you don’t have a crane, the backhoe is the obvious choice.

Reducing Concrete Blocks to Pebbles

There aren’t too many things that get in the way when dealing with mixed debris demolition: the weight and size of some materials left over after initial demolition play a major role in how long the demolition clean up takes. Wrecking ball demolition tends to leave large pieces of material more often than any other method though explosion is a close second. Only deconstruction which can take months or even years depending on the size of the building being demolished will effectively clean the site while the demolition is underway. Crushers are used as a type of secondary demolition task force bringing sizable chunks into manageable pieces that can be discarded.