Demolition Shears

Demolition Shears

Heavy-duty demolition work can be handled with ease when attached to any of a wide variety of demolition equipment. Demolition shears can be either bought or rented depending on the type of work that needs to be done. If it's necessary for one time use, it's preferable to find companies that offer shears on a daily rental program. This eliminates the high costs of purchase.

Demolition shears are ideal for scrap merchants, engineering companies, civil contractors and companies whose main job is the demolition of buildings and hardwearing concrete construction. Scrap dealers or metal dealers who require cutting through heavy metal can also make use of this equipment. Shears are available in different sizes depending on your need. Three-hundred sixty degree rotation for metal and scrap iron cutting is a common feature beyond the equipment simply being durable and resilient. Demolition shears are available in a variety of strengths. They can take on jobs from lightweight to heavy-duty and are available from 4.3 tons to 84 tons of pressure per square inch.

Operating Demolition Shears

Operating shears requires basic training. Though they’re simple to operate, straightforward in design, and strong in performance, the utmost in safety precautions must be adhered. Demolition shears are safer than disc cutters or torch cutters, which can pose problems because they must be carried by a team up to the floor of the building currently being demolished. Demolition shears are indispensable to construction firms.  Ship building companies, multi-story buildings, bridge construction firms and aircraft construction companies all make use of some type of high-powered shears.

You can find a long list of companies selling and renting demolition shears either on the internet or on various industrial directories. These companies offer tools in various sizes and for a variety of functions that enable demo companies to choose models best suited to their needs. Hydraulic demolition shears and conveyor belt shears require only a wheel operator, and are a simpler and labor saving tool. Demolition shears and cutters are available of various tensile strengths and are capable of cutting through iron bars, pipes, steel or brick and concrete blocks. Adjustable settings offer users a variety of functions depending on the type of job on hand.

Getting the Right Shears for Your Project

There are a number of features to keep in mind when deciding on the purchase of any kind of demolition shears. Depending on the type of job, you’ll have to decide on whether you need fixed or rotational shears. Size, strength and number of attractive features present should be taken into consideration. Whether hands free shears or automatic shears, they need to be maintained well and lubricated from time to time to prevent wear and tear or degradation of parts. Demolition shears are a great cost cutting and labor reducing tool as they are designed to be operated by one man. These heavy-duty shears can be operated in all weather conditions and are designed for continuous operation, which make them labor, time and price effective.