Demolition Hammer

Demolition Hammer

Some repair firms purchase standard demolition equipment and redesign it to suit specific needs. Companies lessen repair costs and prevent loss of productive time by purchasing customized equipment instead of buying standard equipment on the open market. Price is an important consideration in any purchase decision. This is especially so while buying high value equipment such as a demolition hammer. When looking to buy heavy equipment, there are a number of factors to be considered, all of which have an impact on the pricing. Primary factors affecting prices are the model, manufacturer’s reputation, features and additional accessories provided with the machinery. Some buyers prefer to go for used equipment, as quite palpably, it’s less expensive when compared to new ones.

Why Buy New If It Can Be Fixed?

Demolition hammer repairs and parts replacement are generally preferred as they are relatively cheap when compared to buying new demolition machinery. Repair firms also perform customized repairs to suit the needs of any particular work site. Trucks, earth moving equipment, cranes, demolition machinery and other moving machinery have to negotiate bumpy tracks on a regular basis. Repair firms weld additional metal support to strengthen the chassis and redesign the suspension system while carrying out standard repair work. Other demolition equipment such as forklifts and cranes use hydraulic systems for lifting heavy material. These can also be customized to suit specific needs. Some hydraulic systems are designed to carry heavy loads all day whereas others are only suitable for use over short periods of time.

Used Demolition Hammers

Some tools are rated at B+ quality equipment when they are reworked, refinished and resold after importation from other countries. At times, such purchases have proven to be advantageous versus buying used equipment as it’s cost effective. It may not be preferable to buy equipment that’s been refurbished as there is a greater likelihood of them having unseen wear and tear. You may not find replacement parts for older machines in your area if the need arises, too. Price of a used demolition hammer could be 40% to 50% lower than showroom prices for new equipment. Prices are also subject to variation depending on supply and availability. Price tags of popular models on the market are easy to find. New equipment costs vary according to engine size,additional features provided and popularity of a brand.

Models of Demo Hammers Available

There are financial institutions that provide loans when buying demolition hammers or other heavy equipment. Before purchasing, it is advisable to identify needs then determine the model and capacity that best suits your demolition requirements.  The German 11388 SDS-max® Demolition Hammer could be ideal for you. If not, you can choose from the following list:


  • 11316EVS SDS-max® Demolition Hammer
  • BH2760VC New Brute™ Breaker Hammer
  • 11317EVS 3/4" Hex Demolition Hammer
  • 11320VS SDS-plus® Chipping Hammer
  • 11318EVS SDS-max® Demolition Hammer
  • 11321EVS 12 Lb SDS-Max® Demo Hammer
  • T1657 Hammer Hauler
  • 11387 Round Hex Demolition Hammer

Product details for comparison shopping are listed to help you find the best demolition hammer.