Demolition Machinery

Demolition Machinery

The real estate market has seen tons of growth recently. Construction has increased which has led to an increased need for demolition machinery. Due to unavailability of open land for construction, a number of new projects are started after demolishing existing structures or buildings. Small structures can be demolished manually with the help of bulldozers and crane-operated hammers. Industrial grade explosives are used for demolishing multi-storied buildings or other large structures such as stadiums, towers and bridges. The most commonly used explosive is dynamite, which is easy to store and handle when used by trained demolition experts. A combination of sharp steel blades is used to cut through steel when demolishing steel bridges or towers.

Explosives are detonated with the help of wires and detonation devices. The outer portion of the structure is covered with heavy-duty rugs that prevent blown out debris from damaging nearby structures. The rubble is cleared with the help of demolition machinery, which includes earth moving equipment, steel cutters, bulldozers and megaton dump trucks. Water tankers are used to clear the remaining debris and leveling the work site. The foundation is dug with the help of earth moving equipment and giant concrete mixers are used to pour concrete into the foundation. Cranes are used to lift and transport steel beams, which are joined together to form the basic frame of any structure. Beams are joined with the help of rivets or heavy-duty nut-bolts. Metal cutters are used to segment steel beams that are long and do not fit in dumpsters.

Demolition Versus Construction Machinery

Separate companies that specialize in their respective fields generally handle construction and demolition activities. Equipment used in construction is very different from that used in demolition activities. Due to the increase in demolition activities, some construction companies have formed partnerships with demolition firms for sharing common equipment and other resources. This helps in reducing project equipment costs that are related to demolition machinery and operational delays.

A large portion of demolition machinery is used in the construction industry to carry heavy loads and demolishing old buildings or structures. These machines are constantly exposed to heat dust and humidity, which makes them prone to breakdowns. Non-functioning equipment can delay completion of a construction project, resulting in financial losses to the contractor. To avoid this, construction and demolition companies hire repair and maintenance experts to carry out onsite repair work. In some cases, non-functioning demolition machinery parts cannot be repaired onsite, or may require complete replacement.

Finding Demolition Machinery

When it comes to demotion machinery, you can find a used 2006 VOLVO L60E listed at $129,900. Buying used equipment isn’t cheap and it’s important you locate reliable dealers. To buy demolition machinery from Volvo, you could try High Reach Demolition Excavators as well as Standard Demolition Excavators. In 2007, the company also introduced their C-series demolition equipment. It’s easy to make a purchase from listed dealers or place orders through regional sites where you can also speak to a representative and get further details.