Car Demolition

Car Demolition

One of the most common car demolition events is the Demolition Derby, which was originated in the United States. As you may already know, this type of car demolition sport can be extremely dangerous because participants are prone to suffer severe injuries. As a matter of fact, all drivers that participate in the derby are obliged to sign a waiver that releases the promoter from any type of responsibility. The derby takes place once every year, and each time it lasts for three nights. Just to give you an idea, about 3,000 people attend car demolition derbies every single year. Perhaps the fact that it can be dangerous is what catches the attention of the attendees.

Demolition Derby

The Demolition Derby has been around for quite some time now. Some reports state that it was started in the 1930s using Ford Model T cars; however, it isn’t clear who was the first promoter or person to have come up with the idea for the Derby. The car demolition sport grew extremely popular all over the country in the decade of the sixties, and it was even considered some type of underground culture. As the years went by, the sport started to propagate around the world, reaching Europe and even Australia. The fever for the Demolition Derby reached its peak in the seventies, and then it started to decline. Nonetheless, in the last few years promoters have been giving the event a lot of exposure, and the competition has started to slowly increase.

Monster Truck Racing

Car demolitions gave way to other types of demolition such as Monster Truck racing. Since Monster Truck racing started to gain popularity, demolition derbies were usually staged prior to the main event which in turn was the famous Monster Truck racing. This type of racing started to grow considerably popular in the 1980s, just as the demolition derbies’ attractiveness started to decline. What spectators love the most about monster trucks is their large size and vivid colors. The trucks are modified and improved in order to make them efficient but also great looking. They have humongous wheels and tires, and usually crush and destroy smaller vehicles.

Video Games

Given that the extreme popularity that car demolition practices - such as the Demolition Derby, has sparked incentive in young kids, a wide variety of video games have been released. Some of the most popular games that involve car demolition are:


  • Twisted Metal – Published by Sony and developed to be played on the original PlayStation platform. The point of the game is to battle with other vehicles in a demolition derby.

  • Destruction Derby – Developed by Reflections and made to be played on the original PlayStation platform. The game’s purpose is to demolish other cars to accrue points.

  • The Hulk Car Demolition – Features the Incredible Hulk  where the player is able to smash any car that comes in its way but has to do it as quickly as possible.

  • Carmageddon – Developed by Stainless Games where  the goal of the game is to race other vehicles violently.