Demolition Flash

Demolition Flash

Demolition refers to the destruction of a building, a structure or even a car. When it comes to cars, the Demolition Derby happens to be a popular sport around the United States and other areas, too. The interesting thing about this sport is that it has been developed into video games. Some of these games run on Flash, which makes them known as Demolition Flash Games. However, not all of them feature a monster truck demolishing cars, but a wide selection of them have incorporated the use of bombs in order to demolish entire structures, just like real life building demolition techniques.

Demolition Derby

The Demolition Derby is one of the largest events in the United States taking place once a year – every year. It features cars being driven by the participants, which are trying to destroy each other. The game can turn quite dangerous, and that’s why some of the precautions include removing all the glass windows and other parts that might injure the drivers rather quickly. However, the associated danger with this sport has made the video games extremely popular. Some well-known Demolition Flash games are:


  • Demolition Derby Flash Game
  • Saints Row
  • Racing Destruction Set
  • Race Driver: GRID
  • Test Drive: Eve of Destruction
  • SpongeBob’s Boating Bash

Demolition City

One of the most popular games on the net is the Demolition City, which was developed by Joey Betz. This game is quite original under this category, and the interesting aspect of this Flash game is that it integrates Box2D which enables things to inflate up and around inside the game. Perhaps, if you’ve tried it before, you have witnessed how every single level makes you actually think and plan on how to go about your demolition technique. It requires you to build your own strategy before making the big hit. This is actually a positive thing since the player is thinking rather than just pushing buttons. The game comes equipped with interesting explosives that allows the player to bring the buildings down right away. There are a total of twenty levels, and every time the player passes a level, the money counter increases.

Play for Free

The beauty of the internet is the fact that you can gain access to a plethora of video games. Not only will you be able to find almost any type of game, but also, you have the chance of playing demolition flash games for free. This means that you will be able to try any specific demolition game you want at absolutely no cost. Even though some games might not have all the features that premium games have, you will have the ability of swapping in between games every time you feel like trying a new one. Not only will you have access to those games that are inspired on Demolition Derby, but there are games in which the purpose is to demolish entire buildings. In some cases you might even be able to demolish entire cities like Demolition City 1 & 2.