Demolition Traders

Demolition Traders

Demolition traders are individuals and companies who offer services in demolishing buildings and other structures. Traders in this line of business may utilize various tools and equipment to accomplish the job. Traditional options include men with masonry equipment, bulldozers and loaders, cranes with wrecking balls attached and excavators, which may be hydraulic or high reach in design. Newer methods include Verinage as seen in France and the use of hydraulic jacks which are computer operated as introduced in Japan. The most commonly used method however, is demolition with the use of explosives. The new methods from France and Japan both target the lower portion of the building. Explosives on the other hand, often begin implosions in the upper part of the building.

High Profile Demolition Traders Projects

The tallest building demolished on record is still the Singer Building in New York City from 1967 to 1968. It was built in 1908 and used to be forty-eight stories high. It had been replaced by the One Liberty Plaza since it was torn down. J. L. Hudson Department Store and Addition on the other hand, is the largest building demolished with the use of the building implosion method. The structure was framed with steel and used to measure at four-hundred thirty-nine feet tall boasting two million two-hundred thousand square feet of space. Other high profile demolition jobs also include:


  • The Rockwell Gardens housing project located in western Chicago with the use of a wrecking ball
  • The implosion of the New Haven Coliseum in New Haven, Connecticut,
  • A grain elevator in Minneapolis, Minnesota which provided space for the University of Minnesota
  • The Jamestown Bridge in Rhode Island

On an international scene, popular demolition projects include:


  • Old Myer building in Perth, Australia
  • A chimney in Henninger which used to be a brewery at Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 2006
  • Kays Catalogues Distribution Centre in the U.K. on June 2008
  • Clarke Tower in Dublin, Ireland
  • Bacinol in Delft, Netherlands

Where to Find Demolition Traders

Demolition traders can be found through classifieds through published mediums and also via the internet. Information about demolition traders can be searched and you’ll find contact information, rates and fees, famous demolition projects and feedback from previous customers. Over the internet, business directories and classified ads can be searched for a list of demolition companies all over the U.S. On a local level, there are groups and persons in the industry that may have offices nearby. Some may even be referred by people you actually know!

How to Choose Demolition Traders

Choosing demolition traders to transact with is easy so long as you consider a few things. These include the type of building to be demolished, budget and company profile. Smaller buildings do not require high profile implosion methods; you can bid for traditional options. Rates for these are relatively cheaper than costs of high-end explosive costs. When picking a company or trader to transact with, choose the one that has received great feedback from customers they have worked with before.