Precision Demolition

Precision Demolition

Though the prospect of having a building demolished within seconds rather than weeks may be appealing, wrecking balls and explosives result in a great deal of mixed debris that must either be sorted for re-sale as raw material or must be disposed of in a landfill yielding zero profit. Precision demolition relies upon specific equipment that can be outfitted to industrial machines like backhoes and cranes that can both separate and even begin to process raw materials as the demolition project progresses. Sometimes this process is called deconstruction because nothing is truly demolished: instead the structure is taken apart piece by piece starting at the top floor of the building and working down to the foundation or basement.

Computer Models to Predict Implosion

Deconstruction is indeed precise but when materials don’t need to be re-processed or specially disposed of, implosion is the quickest route to bring a building down. Precision is especially required in urban areas where demolition is going to take place. Misplaced explosives that aren’t measured correctly to the milligram can result in damage to surrounding structures or could result in death or injury to pedestrians near the site. For that reason, computer software has been developed that is programmed with the laws of physics, the density of various construction materials and the properties of assorted explosives used in the industry. After a 3-D model has been programmed of the building being demolished, the software will identify key weak points in the structure as well as how much explosive material is necessary and where it needs to be placed for ideal implosion.

Demolition of Structures in Urban Environments

Because so many buildings in urban environments during the reconstruction era of the United States’ history were built using asbestos containing materials (ACM’s), often times demolition via explosives or wrecking ball aren’t practical because the destruction of the ACM’s would release asbestos particles into the surrounding atmosphere and ultimately be breathed in by hundreds to thousands of people nearby. Precision demolition using industrial equipment and a skilled team of demolition experts is necessary for projects involving asbestos. Urban area demolition projects can be handled effectively using explosives and wrecking balls depending on the proximity of nearby buildings but if there are hazardous materials that will be released without proper precaution, you can expect the demolition project to require a floor-by-floor approach that will cost a great deal more.

Demolition Experts: Explosives and Equipment

Regardless of whether a precise demolition is done using specialized equipment to sort materials while the demolition is underway or if precise demolition means the proper placement and amount of explosive material throughout a structure in combination with timed detonation, getting the right team of demolition experts is key. Demolition companies that are capable of handling any demolition job depending on where you live include:


  • RTI
  • Precision Demolition
  • Controlled Demolition Inc.
  • Brandenburg Demolition
  • DMD Demolition

You may have access to the services of these professionals for your own project involving the demolition of a useless structure!