Demolition Salvage Yards

Demolition Salvage Yards

There are several demolition salvage yards in the United States that are excellent locations for both interior and exterior architectural and home design plans. First used in the early 90s for home shelters, many home owners are now going green by purchasing these reusable and affordable materials for their own home improvement needs. Nowadays, there are even websites that provide listings of demolition salvage items that can be bought online and shipped to your home within 24 to 48 hours. For advocates of the environment, making use of these materials can help increase people’s awareness on how they can help save the environment in their own simple way .

Reinventing Excellent Finds

In the state of Illinois, the government spends just about a million dollars from tax funds to facilitate the expenses for cleaning up illegal dump sites in the state. Rather than spending the people’s taxes in cleaning up a so-called undetected dumpsite, the government has come up with a solution by putting reusable items in the demolition salvage yards. Since disasters and calamities are some of the main reasons for homes and establishments being destroyed, the people should communicate and interact with the government to come up with ways for more people to live in affordable homes. In relation to the economic crisis, it is more practical to buy demolition salvage finds rather than have custom-made architectural structures and interior design fixtures.

Reduce Waste by Recycling

From window frames to aluminum shelves and doors, these are just some of the most common items that can be found in demolition salvage yards. Normally, before the demolition on a particular site begins, contractors and the crew of the site try to pull out whatever reusable parts they can. These can be built into shelves, doors and window frames, and other detachable pieces of fixtures that are made of wood, plastic or metal can still be reused or re-purposed.

Budget and Environment Friendly

Back in the day, reusing items from demolition sites was embarrassing to most homeowners. For practicality’s sake, many are now turning to reusing and reinventing various items such as:


  • Rubber tires
  • Steel
  • Aluminum frames
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Bathroom sinks

Not only are they able to spend a lot less on these items, but they are also saving the environment by reusing them. If more and more people start to practice the habit of reusing and recycling, the waste in the environment will be reduced, and natural resources such as trees will be preserved. In addition, the production of materials that make use of these natural resources will be reduced immensely.


There are many demolition salvage yards throughout the United States that provide a huge array of reusable items and architectural structures that can be purchased for a considerably reasonable price. Going green and being an advocate of the environment has never been so easy and rewarding. Through the simple process of reusing and reinventing or recycling these materials, you will definitely be doing your part in reducing environmental waste.