House Demolition

House Demolition

House demolition is mostly known for a tactic that is used by the military forces. It has been principally used during encounters, in order to achieve different purposes. However, this doesn’t mean that house demolitions are limited to wars and conflicts. There are plenty of people who demolish existing houses in order to build new structures. It’s also common to see house demolition projects after tragic natural disasters have affected any afflicted region. This is done to remove all the unusable materials and give way to new construction projects once the disaster’s horror turns to motivated demolition and rebuilding projects.

Military Purposes

In order to cover all meanings of house demolition, it’s necessary to go over the military meaning of this procedure. It’s actually sometimes considered a strategy against the enemy; the idea is to deprive them from having a shelter and a place to rest. As a matter of fact, it has become extremely popular in the border between Israel and Palestine. However, this tactic is not in popular opinion through international laws and organizations like the UN that fight to defend human rights. Leaving people homeless on a mass scale and often killed within their homes during wartime like the former USSR caused ethnic groups to in-fight against each other. They’d actually demolish houses of the enemy citizens. Their whole goal was to perform an ‘ethnic cleansing’, by first driving the population out then eradicating them.

Costs of a House Demolition

Even though you need to factor all charges and get an estimate of the total cost of a house demolition, it’s fairly safe to state that it will cost you a few thousands of dollars. You first determine whether you’re demolishing an entire house including its foundation and if so, whether you’re filling in the foundation or expanding it for a larger structure. Take the Midwest region: to demolish a small home might cost you between $3,000 to $8,000. That doesn’t even include getting the foundation removed. This of course, depends on the total size of the house, the accessibility to the required equipment and the materials that are going to be removed. If you want to do a complete demolition, along with all foundation removal and fill in, total price can easily go up to about $15,000, give or take. It’s important that you establish your budget, and work from there to find affordable contractors.

Finding an Affordable Contractor

Before reaching out to a possible house demolition contractor, consider the following advice on what to expect when getting quotes from a few teams.


  • First, the more you demolish, the more money it will cost you.

  • Even though it might seem difficult to find an affordable contractor, it’s not impossible if you use the website Hometown Demolition Contractors as a reference.

  • Narrow down your search to those contractors that are located specifically in your area that will charge within your pre-set budget.

  • Start your own list and call each contractor to get a better idea on pricing.